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>> 1.28.2013

Remember the play corner? Well, I think I've told you how the corner eventually took over the entire room. In fact, I owe you a full house tour because it's wildly different from the one we have up. You see, that would require me to have my entire house clean. I don't know when that's going to happen.

But, play corner:


// NOW

I spent probably 75% of my waking hours in this room. Ada, too. So, it's nice to freshen up the layout a bit. I'm sure it breaks all sorts of design rules, but I'm not into doing things the "right" way, really.

What I wanted most to change:
  • LIGHT. It's so cloudy and dark where we live, so we need to maximize our exposure to the sun as much as possible. Taking furniture away from the windows lets the rays pour in + sitting in a chair facing the window is like we created our own light box. 
  • FLOW. Moving everything around gave us the opportunity to get a few more inches and feet of space here/there. Helpful now that Ada's running around.
  • SAFETY. Ada's really starting to push our limits. Combined with her tantrums, something like trying to pull lamps off side tables turns into an all-day struggle. ALL DAY.
  • SIMPLIFYING. Plus, we weren't using the lamps OR the side tables, so there's more space. Less surface area to accumulate dust, too.

The light mission is the best part of it all. Look at all that happy brightness! I also like how Ada's toy bins are closer to almost inside the kitchen. I'm in there most of the time and it's a pain to peek over to the old play corner to make sure Ada's safe + happy.

Now the matter of the teepee. Even I did a bit of an eye-roll. Another teepee, right? Everyone seems to have or want a teepee. Pinterest is hemorrhaging with play tent teepees. Teepees are so 2012. Or even 2011 . . .

Completely unoriginal. But I love it.

There wasn't much wrong with our play tent from Ikea. It was a bit rumpled from continued taking down/putting up. Since we now have the space, we planned for the tent to be up all the time, and the colors together made the room a little insane.

Plus, like I said, Ada Stephen + I wanted a teepee.

I don't have much to add to great wealth of tutorials . . .

A Beautiful Mess
Heart + Habit
Child Mode
Smile and Wave
Sew, Mama, Sew!
Bob Vila

I only spent $30 on it, which I think comes in a bit under -- almost half -- other projects I found online. I credit Niko at Home Depot. For whatever reason, he and I were meant to meet yesterday as I wandered aimlessly around the aisles. I happened to ask him about my project and he perked up and proudly delcared: "I JUST made a teepee for my granddaughters last week!"


I was hell-bent on using wooden poles. Whether they be 1"x2"x8' pine or 1" wooden dowels or curtain rods. The pine looked like it would warp and would require sanding. Home Depot didn't carry long enough dowels. And the curtain rods were premium oak at a premium price.

Niko had used PVC, which I was against at first because it looks crappy. Niko reminded me it could be painted, and I warmed up. It also ended up being the cheapest and lightest option. He even cut the poles down to 6ft for me right in the store.

I also bought a 6' by 9' painters drop cloth for around $10 and some canvas rope, too.

Stephen drilled some holes about 10" from the top of the poles and we took turns reading to Ada while we fussed with getting the structure to stay up and together. Why this post isn't a tutorial is because that part took a great deal of effort and time. It wasn't pretty. There was cursing. I think we had to start over again like three times.

Eventually we secured the frame with the rope and then I draped the drop cloth over it + pinned it into place. I am going to go around and stitch it since the safety pins aren't really safe, but I think the draping looks good. No need to cut, iron-hem, or machine-sew anything.

That's a huge bonus. I hate extra work.

I haven't painted the poles yet either. Niko suggested a vinyl-based spray paint. I bought a can of matte black. But I might not paint them at all because all the writing on them faces the wall. If I don't see it, it's not there, right?


Did you move furniture around this weekend? Or try out anything on Pinterest? I'm a late bloomer, but if you follow me, you see I've been pinning like there's no tomorrow. Mostly home decor. Strange how I blog about fitness + motherhood, but all I care about on there is fashion and house stuff.

This teepee is a SUCCESS, I think. This braid I tried, not so much . . .

I'll just have to try, try again.

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