My Heart in the Pom of Your Hand

>> 1.24.2013

I got lost at the craft store the other day and found myself wandering around the wood aisles. This natural wood plaque caught my eye almost immediately. My mind raced with a gazillion possibilities -- and I've been wanting to make something with poms for quite some time.

As I mentioned the other day, we're going to be hanging a fake moose above the TV . . . so, some cute woodland accents will go perfectly year round.


You'll need . . .

  • 1 basswood plaque (similar to these ones -- I got mine at A.C. Moore)
  • 1 package poms (mine were 2.5cm, 45 total poms)
  • Glue gun (here's one similar to mine)
  • 2 glue gun sticks
  • Heart shape (to trace if you don't want to freehand)
  • Marker or pencil
  • 15 minutes

Method . . .

// Trace or draw a heart on the wood with your pencil or marker. It doesn't need to be perfect.

// First play around with the poms to get a feel for how much space they take up. Also play around a bit with colors. I didn't make any certain patterns, but you may wish to depending on the poms you get.

// Then plug in your glue gun and -- once hot -- squeeze a dot of glue onto a pom. One by one place the poms around the outline of the heart until it is complete. Go slowly, however -- if you make a mistake, it should be easy to pull off and re-place.

// Once your outline is complete, then you can fill in small sections of the heart with glue and place poms down atop it. Be careful not to burn your fingers, as I did. Don't space them too closely to start unless you have poms to spare (I didn't + my pile dwindled before I thought I'd be done, but thankfully I ended up having just enough!)

// Take a step back once you're "done" and fill in any gaps with more poms. Press down a few more times and let sit until cooled/set. You'll also need to carefully remove a few stray glue strands or random long pieces of poms with some small scissors.

// You can prop this beauty on a shelf or you may choose to purchase some sort of hanging kit. Eventually that's what I'll do, and I'll be sure to share the photos.

If you don't have a glue gun, ask a friend. Or buy one -- you can get one for under $10, perhaps even less. I grew up understanding and appreciating the creative value of oozy hot glue. I'm a bit of an addict -- my crafty mom has like seven of them of all different sizes. She bought me this yellow one for Christmas since my old one broke.

Thanks, mom!

I guess my big warning is to BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF. The glue looks harmless but is like magma. It will probably happen at some point. Yes, it hurts. But you'll be OK. Just put your finger in a bit of cool water.


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