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>> 1.03.2013

Today I decided that I'd like Ada to breastfeed only in the morning and at night. I don't know what happened to make today the designated drop day, but it's a mix of wanting more freedom on my end and some lack of interest on her end. Dropping this last midday feed feels so significant to me.

Ada will be 14 months soon, so I feel like we've had a great run of it -- and 2 feedings a day will be nice for the next stage of our breastfeeding relationship, however long that ends up being. I'm thinking at least until 18 months. As with everything, we'll see.

I feel guilty and sad. 12 hours between feedings is a LONG stretch to go. But I think know she's ready for it. I also feel confused about all the options for supplements. When I was feeding her 3x/day, there was no need. Now? I am torn between whole milk and hemp milk. I'm also looking into some local whole milk. It's all so expensive!

In the meantime, a positive: I am finally able to use up my freezer stash. I have no idea why I accumulated so much pumped milk. But it's going to go bad anyway -- might as well use it up. I put some in her lunchtime straw cup and she immediately guzzled 4 ounces or so. Afterward, I took the cup away for a bit . . . and then throughout the early afternoon until her nap, she had around 2 or 3 additional ounces.

Seems like she got in a full feed to me!

Then came nap time, when we'd usually nurse. I went up to her room expecting the worst -- armed with books and other distractions. What happened was rather anticlimactic. She was tired. She went to sleep. No big deal.

Later, we'll give her the customary evening yogurt cup and round out the night with a bedtime feed. Thanks to my friends who I consulted for help (you all know who you are). I couldn't have figured it out without you!

And mostly importantly, thank you ADA. I'm proud of you. I still love you very, very much. I think we're both ready for this step.

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