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>> 1.16.2013

Last night we simultaneously got rid of cable and joined a gym. And it was almost an even trade -- with a little $$$ in our favor. OK just $$. Okay. Enough to buy one takeout pizza each week, but to us that's, like, totally reward enough.

(I hereby dub Thursdays P.I.Z.Z.A Thursdays from now on.)

In our area, it's pretty much the YMCA if you want a descent, semi-affordable place with a pool. We've been there and done that. Surprisingly our new gym is just about the same price, but much nicer, newer, cleaner . . . and it also has this awesome childcare room.


Today Ada and I packed our bags and drove to the gym. (I majorly splurged on a little yellow Kanken backpack over the summer w/ some of my own birthday money -- now I want one!) Then we hung out in the pool for half an hour together. It didn't happen quite that easily, but still: BLISS. She loved it. I'm going to try to do that with her on Mondays and Wednesdays after the morning nap.

Tuesdays and Thursdays will be all about me. More on that later.

I could go on for days about how fantastic it is.  But WOW. Going the the gym with a baby toddler isn't easy! In my head, it was going to be this get there, get in the pool, get out sort of adventure.

I wore my swimsuit there so I wouldn't have to change and could just worry about getting Ada into her swim diaper and bathing suit. Well, I quickly discovered that I forgot my underwear AND bra for afterward (oops!). While I was taking off my clothes, I had to chase Ada all over the changing room.

It was a moment when I wished we had one of those child-leashes. Honestly. I get why people have them now. I GET IT. I tried my best to occupy her while I stuffed all our stuff into my gym bag (NOTE TO SELF: GET A BIGGER GYM BAG) . . . to no avail.

Soon enough we were in the pool having a blast. After about a half an hour, we both had enough, so it was time to dry off, change -- both of us this time -- and go home. Somehow, changing afterward was easier. Ada worked up a thirst for her hemp milk, so that kept her from racing around. And I was OK for the 10-minute drive home sans my boy-cut briefs. (Let's be honest, the no bra thing wasn't a big deal -- I only recently started wearing one during the day anyhow #nursingmom!)

So, yeah. Gyming it with a baby is certainly different, but totally more-than-ever worth it. I'll be better prepared next time for what to bring, too. But I'd love your suggestions for juggling it all. Phew. I didn't even go with the intention to work out, and yet I'm exhausted.

As well, any encouragement to use the gym childcare is much appreciated. We had Ada test it out for a bit last night, and she seemed to be fine. They have this cute wooden play kitchen and a tent. I just imagine her freaking out, pooping, biting another kid, and getting lost all at the same time.

I think that means I just need to do it already! And I fully intend to this week.

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