A Warm Winter Day

>> 1.14.2013

I love our mommy-daughter photo-shoots. It's an excuse for me to dress up in human clothes (though I'm getting better at making this a daily thing). It's an excuse for Ada to wear some of those thousands -- THOUSANDS -- of dresses I thought she needed when I was pregnant.

And it's part of the fun in having a girl.

Basically . . . all the clothes are thrifted: Ada's dress is ancient GAP and my shirt is a GoodWill Anne Taylor castoff. Those awesome boots were a gift from my friend Iris (thank you!). And Ada's adorable velcro Converse are just too much for me to handle. (Just say YES to velcro with toddler shoes -- they are a size too big and she's able to walk in them with ease.)

I'm still wearing my Chewbeads necklace almost every day. Ada's chomping away as she cuts her incisors. And I'm loving my new hair ties.

More mommy-daughter photos here (4 months old) + most recently here (9 months). Posting these photos isn't a feeble attempt to establish myself as an authority on style in any way. Obviously, I'm not -- I simply enjoy dressing up.

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