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>> 1.15.2013

Much of year 1 to 2 is a mystery to me. Before having Ada, I had minimal exposure to babies and young toddlers. As you can imagine, I'm learning much with each and every day. For example, apparently this is what a 14-month-old looks like.

Cheeks still chubby.
Extremities quite lengthened.
Eyes full of wonder and . . . mischief.

Here are 14 things Ada's been up to this past month.

#1: Walking running everywhere. It didn't take long for her awkward gait to transition into full-blown sprinting. My back is thankful now that I don't have to lug her around everywhere. But chasing? Yeah. I am tired. Very tired.

#2: Babbling. Ada doesn't say many new words beyond what I've already shared. Her new favorite is "what's that" which sounds more like a hushed "whaassthaa?" She still calls everything red "Santa" and she babbles incessantly. To herself. To me. To anyone who will listen. I can tell some of those words and phrases have meaning. One of them sounds just like "bitches" hahaha.

#3: Oinking, mooing, barking, and more. Beyond words, Ada's favorite activity is making animal noises. Especially "mmmmmmmmmmaah" whenever she sees something that remotely resembles a cow. The most realistic is her duck quack. I'll have to get that on video sometime.

#4: Getting into things. Ever since she started pulling up/crawling, she's been into things, but it's like never before. I will find her walking around with the strangest items: a roll of duct tape, a quarter, checkers, a fist of cat hair. We need to bring our baby-proofing to a whole new level. And I need to keep my house cleaner.

#5: Sleeping like a champ. Ada sleeps from 7:30 to 7:30 reliably now. Unless she's teething or sick. Her naps are pretty spot-on, too. Two hours after waking and then three hours after waking from the first nap. I'd say 5 out of 7 days she will take two naps. I can tell we're starting the transition to one, but it hasn't been too bad . . . yet.

#6: Using her listening skills. What I mean is, she's getting fantastic at understanding what we're asking of her. I'll say "go get your kitty book" and she'll bring the right one to me. "Please drink more milk," and she'll walk over to her cup and drink. "Where's Scully?" and she'll point. I think she's been doing this for a while, but I'm finally really noticing it.

#7: Misbehaving. It might be a stretch to call it that this early in the game, but Ada definitely knows when she is doing something she's not supposed to do. Nothing horrible, but she'll run away and try to go up the stairs and give me this "hahaha mom you can't catch me!" sort of look. Oh, boy.

#8: Weaning. We dropped Ada's mid-day feed a couple weeks ago and she has been drinking a mix of breastmilk and hemp milk from a cup. About 8 ounces throughout the day. (And thanks to Brittany for BANANA MILK.) We still nurse in the morning and at night, but she's showing less enthusiasm. We'll see how long we keep it up.

#9: Refining her palate. Food -- especially lunch -- hasn't been too great lately. I've definitely been resorting to those fortified kale and spinach heavy packets for lunches because the girl will only eat pasta. Breakfast is usually OK, an egg and waffle with some fruit. Dinner is solid, yogurt + beans/tofu + peas/veggies + random bits of our meals. She's also developed some major preferences.

#10: Hanging with friends. In the first year, I didn't do a great job at getting Ada up and OUT into the world. I also thought there wasn't too much point. But being 1 is all about being social. We've been going to the library, friends' houses, museums, stores, you name it. It helps break up the day. I will write more about this stuff soon.

#11: Watching George. We have moved from watching an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba to joining Curious George on all his fun adventures. Ada can even say "bye bye, George!" I still don't think TV in moderation is the enemy (even for the under 2 crowd), especially with all the time and attention Stephen and I both give Ada throughout the day.

#12: Practicing yoga. Ada's new favorite move is downward facing dog. I don't know why. But she does it all the time. She hangs out there for 30 seconds at a time. Sometimes just balances on her head. Maybe she likes the view? I'll be starting my own return to yoga tomorrow night. Super excited to get out of the house and practice with other people instead of just my TV screen.

#13: Reading books. Of all her toys, books are still her favorite. She will bring over a stack to me, sit in my lap and sort of groan like, "read, momma!" I counted yesterday and we read 27 (short) books. I need to get myself to the library and get more -- she definitely gets bored of some and turns the pages really fast if we've been-there-and-read-that recently.

#14: Becoming a toddler. I am so resistant to call Ada a full-on toddler, but she is really starting to LOOK like one. My friends have commented on it, too. Like, "when did you get a KID?!" She's still my little baby, and I still call her Baby Ada, but I don't know how much longer that business will be going on.

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