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>> 12.04.2012


Have you heard of the nibble tray?
I hadn't either!

Ada still isn't loving sit-down lunches or mid-day snacks, but by 4 pm after her nap, she's ravenous. Today we're trying out a nibble tray. The idea is that toddlers should be grazing anyway with all the energy they expend throughout the day. Giving them multiple options accessible at longer periods of time means they might actually eat more.

I had planned to DIY my own out of a fancy ice cube tray. We don't use ice at the house, so we didn't have one we could repurpose. So, I planned to pick one up during my grocery shopping trip last night. Then I got lucky and found this tray by Dr. Sears on sale.

It has 9 compartments . . . and the green ones are cool-packs perfect for dipping sauces. And as silly as it sounds, there are little pictures etched into the plastic that sort of remind you of the food pyramid. Ada would eat only Cheerios if I let her.

We'll see how this works. Today is our first day, so I will try to post what's left after a day of nibbling. For more information on this method of feeding, you can check out these 17 Tips For Pleasing the Picky Eater (Dr. Sears).

How do you get your picky little ones to eat? Have you tried this method? If so, has it worked?

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