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The last day in the life post I did was almost 6 months ago. That's half a year! I guess in the little changes that happen every day, I didn't think that was much different. But how those changes accumulate is what's amazing. Ada's not a baby anymore. She's walking, talking, and even possibly dropping down to only 1 nap.

I planned to call this post a Typical Thursday, but what ended up happening was more atypical.

(Side note because apparently I annoyed some of you on Instagram: I don't normally post this many photos in a single day. Overkill today. I get it. Next time I'll just save them with the airplane mode on. Sorry, I was lazy.)

I wake much earlier now that I'm working from home. Sometime between 5:30 and 6 AM. I immediately turn on the computer, check my email, and get going with Daily Deals. Stephen leaves for work by 6:30 at latest, so it's nice to get a chance to have tea with him for a few minutes.

Then sometime between 7:30 and 8 AM, Ada wakes for the day. Well, on Thursday sometimes earlier because it's garbage day . . . I curse those loud trucks each week when they decide to crunch junk right outside Ada's bedroom window.

Thankfully . . . today, she slept through.

I change her diaper, we nurse, and today I took a shower because I felt like it.

I typically shower at night after working out, but skipped both yesterday and I needed the warmth of the water. Ada's bedroom is directly across from the bathroom, so I can peek in on her playing in her crib. I imagine it was maybe 5 minutes, but it made a huge difference. I'm more productive and happy when I take a little time for myself like that.

We dress for the day. (OK. I usually just dress Ada. Today I felt like putting on more than just yoga clothes. Still a far cry from my old business casual.) Then we head downstairs to the "playroom" which is really just our former dining room TV room. Today I put in a load of diapers in the washer and decided to organize all the toy bins, which is something I usually do once a week when it gets particularly bad.

And it was particularly bad.

Lately I've been organizing by toy material to get some variety in the bins. Ada loves pulling different ones out and exploring. How exciting for me to organize bins. But -- really -- it feels good to have some order in all the chaos.


By 9AM, Ada's hungry, so we both grab breakfast. I'd ashamed to say we both eat pretty much the same thing every single day with just some variation. Ada has a scrambled egg with either toast or a toaster waffle and fruit. I have two eggs over easy with fruit and some side. Today it was spinach sauteed in garlic.

I also prepare Ada's nibble tray for later in the day.

Then Ada watches an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba on Netflix while I finish up some work for job #1. Now that she's talking, she goes crazy for that show. She dances and talks to the characters. Her favorite part is when the guy draws the weird pictures.

After a bit more play time, it's time to nap around 10:00 or 10:30 AM after reading a few books together in her bedroom. Or it usually is. These past two days, she's been resisting. Hanging out awake in her crib for a long while. Today she even had a crying fit but eventually went down around 11:00 AM.

While she's settling down, I do mindless tasks. Browse online usually. Today, I finished tidying up the play room.

I can't commit to doing work until I know she's sleeping because to this day, it gets me all nervous and cranky. Like if she isn't sleeping, she'll NEVER sleep again. I know it's weird, but it's an involuntary reaction. So, I do my best to relax.

9 out of 10 days, things are great. When she settles, I do my blog and photography work. Writing. Checking emails. Photo editing. Etc.

Today she slept 2 hours total, which brought us to 1PM when it's usually an 11:30AM or 12PM wake-up. I don't want to call it the transition to 1 nap just yet, but it feels that way. I definitely didn't want this day to come so soon.

Though she had just woken up at 1PM, that's usually when she eats lunch. So, no time for play. We got right to eating. She had most of her nibble tray, which was amazing. I had a weird lunch of a chocolate-avocado green smoothie and chipotle sweet potato fries. Not the best, but I was making some Christmas presents, so I was distracted.

Lunch takes between 30 minutes to an hour depending on what we're doing. Sometimes I play music. Other times she watches me cook dinner. Today the crafts took a while.

Then it's time for more play.

Ada's been loving her puzzles lately. She got the fruit one and the pets one for her first birthday. We also explored some of the other bins. It was cold outside today, but yesterday we bundled and played at the park down the street. I feel like from these photos it seems we're in the same room all day. That was just today.

Before I knew it, 3:00 PM came and went, which is the usual second nursing time and then nap time. She wasn't asking to nurse and wasn't rubbing her eyes. So, I took her upstairs to see if I could get her calmed down a bit. She nursed and seemed very tired.

I put her in her bedroom and when I left, she immediately fussed. But I left her alone for a while and called my friend Meg for a brief chat. 20 minutes later, Ada was still just hanging out. It was around 3:45, so I went up to see how she was doing -- and she still seemed tired. I left again for 10 minutes, and this time she was crying.

We gave up. But -- as you can see -- she was tired. Weird, weird napping day.

Stephen's usually home around 4:00 PM each day. Today he stayed after work so he could run a track workout at the school. Then he picked up some pizzas for our dinner. (Thursdays are pizza night!) It was 5:00 PM, and I was so very happy to see him.

Not only because I love him . . . BUT I needed a break. Ada always loves when daddy gets home. She gets in a super happy mood and they play with different stuff. So, I finished up some work and then relaxed and read half of the latest issue of Runner's World.

PS: Stephen's in this month's issue!

Speaking of running, it was my time to get in some miles. So, I set out to do 3 and then my yoga DVD. Being outdoors felt so great, I ended up doing 6 miles total in the dark.

Got home so I could squeeze in a quick shower (yay! 2 showers today!) before Ada's bath.

Stephen is still on bath duty and wouldn't have it any other way. I usually finish up some cleaning, get the clean diapers up from the dryer, etc. Then we both dress Ada for bed, blow dry her hair (on low, she loves it when it's chilly!), cuddle, and then she nurses for the last time of the day.

She's in bed by 7:30 PM most nights and -- oh, why am I writing this on the blog, I'll be cursed! -- has been sleeping through the night very well lately. Last night I even tripped on something outside her room and she didn't make a sound.

Stephen and I eat dinner . . . and I often finish up work, like I'm doing right now. But it's time for me to go watch some TV before lights out around 10:30 PM.

Our days have more variety than this one did usually. But not by much. We tend to hibernate a bit in winter, and I imagine this year won't be terribly different. I am excited to try out some of those indoor activities for toddlers, though!

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