>> 12.28.2012

For the first time (FINALLY!) since Ada was born, we got an accumulation of snow over 3 inches. As much as I dislike being cold, I love winter -- especially snowstorms. We got around 8 or 9 inches Wednesday night, so yesterday we went outdoors to play. There are a few stills on (never)homemaker -- Ada is bundled in her fleece sleeper, several layers of socks, snow pants, and a big, fluffy jacket.

She would have nothing to do with mittens.

The sled is actually her baby bathtub. I still can't tell if she liked the whole experience. She showed us a wide range of expressions, certainly trying to make sense of why it was so white outside, why she couldn't move around in all those clothes, and what she was doing sliding around in a tub.

Hopefully we'll get more snow soon so we can do this sort of thing more often. I want to build a snowman!

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