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>> 12.03.2012

I wrote briefly about our kitchen project over on (never)homemaker Friday afternoon. I think I'd rather blog about it here, since it's got more to do with our family and budget.

Here's what we started with.

And here's where we are after this weekend. Definitely not as far along as I had hoped. But with a baby toddler, DIY projects are different. We can't work day into night on them. And naps certainly cut into demo-time.

Ada visited Home Depot twice this weekend. I think it's her favorite place. Especially the lighting section!

Yeah. Not a lot of progress. We spent more of our time -- with my dad's help -- ripping down the old upper "cabinets", which were really these weird homemade cabinets nailed into the plaster walls. We'll be replacing them with open shelving.

We also built a new kitchen cabinet to replace the white one we had that was very large. Already, the space feels much bigger and we have some enclosed storage to help offset what we're losing with the open shelving.

The budget for the project is $1,000, but we're hoping to come in at least $250 under that. So far, so good. Just need to sand a bit tonight before I paint the walls. Then we can get on with the backsplash, shelves, and other stuff.

The goal of this project is to cull out what we don't need, be more minimal, and make everything feel larger. We spend the majority of our time in this space, so a feeling of calm will be nice. We are testing out a couple weeks without the microwave, too, to see if we can banish that bulky appliance to the basement.

More updates to come! Do any of you have home renovations going on right now? All of our kitchen stuff is living in the "dining room" which is also our living room. So chaotic!

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