Ada's Play Kitchen

>> 12.27.2012

Ada's big gift this year was a play kitchen that my dad rehabbed for her. It lives in our playroom/family room. I never thought we would have a dedicated playroom in our 1200 square foot house, but these things happen. I'm hoping to do a full house tour soon because it's wildly different than the one we have up on the blog.

Ada's napping, so I could finally get some good photos of her kitchen. It's hard to tear her away!

Stephen and I bought her some Melissa + Doug play food and she had received an Ikea pots and pans set -- as well as a few other things -- for her birthday. We've been saving random boxes, like a round brie container and half a carton of eggs, for fun.

We also have a single serving microwave pizza box. Just don't ask about that one. It was a moment of weakness.

My dad first added a divider between the two doors -- one for an oven and one for a cupboard. Then he secured a few loose pieces and sanded the whole thing down. The burner knobs were from random opened packages and the faucet is a pipe.

We're still looking for a good metal bowl for the sink basin, but we've used a plastic storage box in the meantime.

I chose the teal color because I thought it would go with our rug in that room. My mom chose the accent for the shelf and countertop. The backsplash, of course, is a leftover piece from our grownup kitchen project. Oh -- and those burners? They are actually black rubber coasters I found at Target!

I found this cute tea towel at Home Goods and asked my mom if she could turn it into an apron. And that turned into adding a tea towel bar, which was really just a leftover handle from one of the cabinets we recently tore down.

I'm sure most of the time, the kitchen will look like this . . .

But it only takes a second to pick up. Much less of an eyesore than the plastic varieties. Though, I loved the heck out of my plastic-tastic play kitchen back in the 80s.

It's still a work in progress. We have some finishing touches, like adding the last burner knob and perhaps a tap light for the oven. But it's come a long way! Just for reference, here's what this kitchen looked like when they found it at a local antique store.

In September . . .

Wow. That's what I call a transformation. Thanks so much, Grandpa + Grammie!

Pssst: More x-mas scenes this way . . .

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