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>> 12.19.2012

I love all the feedback you guys gave me on the Christmas + Gifts post. It's so nice to know there are others in the world not continually choosing to perpetuate the whole consumerism-to-the-MAX thing. Or if we do have our moments, that not having the money to indulge our child's every whim isn't the end of the world or akin to some type of abuse.

What I learned from you is how we've decided to handle gifts for Ada in the years to come. Thank you! Many of you shared the idea to give her something she wants, something she needs and also something to wear, something to read.

I very excitedly shared this novel concept with my parents, and they quickly pointed out that's exactly what they did with me. I just didn't realize it at the time. Anyway, we're going with it.

Here are some Christmas gift ideas -- with the single gift we're getting Ada bolded in each list.


Well, it's tricky this year. A one-year-old doesn't necessarily want anything. But if I could imagine for her, just this once, I've decided she'd love some "foods" to stock the play kitchen grandma and grandpa are giving her.

***Yes. I've bolded two things. I had already bought her both of these sets to stock the kitchen.


Again, a 1 year old doesn't really have "needs" beyond the basics. So,we're in the territory of bath time and feeding sorts of items.


Ada has way too many clothes in sizes until she turns 2. Like, I feel guilty because I don't think she'll wear all of them. She could use another cloth diaper because I had to toss one out (forgot about it in one of my diaper bags!). And I feel the girl can never have enough socks or leggings.

#2: Rock a Thigh Baby thigh high socks
#5: Converse Chuck Taylor w/ Velcro


I could get carried away with books, so it is hard sticking to just one. Eventually, I'd like to add all these titles to the collection. And books are now starting to include flashcards for us.

#1: Heads by Matthew Van Fleet
#4: Hippopposites by Janik Coat 


We've decided that every year there will be one special gift from Santa. At least for now that's what we're thinking (I'm sure we could label some of these other gifts from him, too). This year, Santa thinks Ada enjoyed her trip to our CSA farm so much, she would also love her own little farm set.


Instead of Santa filling Ada's stocking full of candy, though I'm sure in future years there will be lots of that, I'd like to stuff it with art supplies. It's becoming more and more clear that Ada loves art. On Yo Gabba Gabba there's this particular sequence where a guy draws a picture, and it's her favorite part. She giggles and points every time!

#4: Edible Finger Paint made w/ organic ingredients 

And would you believe it's December 19th and I still have 70% of my Christmas present shopping and DIY-ing to do? I'd better use the rest of Ada's nap to get on that.

What's Santa getting your little one(s) this year? It's a whole separate issue from the number of presents thing.

I feel like I see that Elf on the Shelf thing E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E, but we're not totally sold on the idea. I feel like it'd be getting Ada to behave for all the wrong reasons. But, then again, she's not a full-blown toddler yet. What we I know?!

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