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>> 11.12.2012

Good morning! Stephen has the day off, so we're planning to celebrate by continuing to clean the house. We actually had to break down at buy a new vacuum cleaner yesterday. Weird how things like that can be so exciting. It works WAY better than the old clunker we had been using.

Plus, we got it at a local clearance center for the same price that it is on Amazon. Score!

Apparently a new vacuum doesn't immediately mean an immaculate house (see all that clutter still hanging around?). But back to more fun weekend things.

We've let Ada's nap schedule rule our lives too long. To the point where we rarely go out until after 3PM. I know it's lame, so we decided that we're going to make an effort to go out for early breakfast every Saturday. And by "breakfast" I mostly mean whatever will cost us less than $10.

In this case, it was coffee (him), hot cocoa (me), and egg-and-cheese bagel sandwiches (for both of us). Yum.

We brought a baby food for her and shared bits of egg, too. We keep several pouches of baby food -- our current favorite is Sprout -- on hand for when we're out and about. I've made most of Ada's purees myself, but I'd rather just stash one of these in my purse in a pinch.

We all enjoyed being out. Though, the coffee shop didn't have highchairs and Ada kept banging her head back into the booth seat. That's a new thing with her. Banging her head. I've read it's a phase. I hope it's just a phase.

In other news, Ada took her first steps last night! We didn't catch it on tape. And then when we tried to, she wasn't having it. She wouldn't do it for her grandparents on Face Time either. Oh, well.

It's funny because she's been pulling up and crawling/cruising since around 7 months. Every week I keep thinking she'll walk. Then I started to get concerned. It seems like every time I reach concern and start looking stuff up, she does whatever I'm concerned she's not doing THAT VERY DAY.

Countdown to Ada's first birthday: 4 days. There will probably be a lot of sappy year-in-review type posts this week. You've been warned!

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