The Cats of Venice

>> 11.14.2012

I Gatti Di Venezia is Ada's favorite book of the moment. Gatti = cats in Italiano. I took Italian in college and picked up this book at the Friends of the Library book sale in Ithaca, NY. At the time, I was 19 years old. And I thought it was the most ridiculous glorious book EVER.

If my translation of the introductory paragraph is correct, the author calls the cats "African ambassadors" to the city of Venice. Most of the book is just photos. Of cats. Skulking on street corners. Basking on boats. Communing in courtyards. You get the idea.

I thought I'd share.

Again, I only took a few years of Italian in college, and -- by now especially -- I'm rusty. From what I gather . . . there are lots of cats in Venice. So many that they are taking over the city. They are everywhere. But the inhabitants love them. Enough to make this book. The end.

Ada laughs as we turn each and every page.

And speaking of cats. I have some more vintage kitten party planning to do. Well. Scratch that. It's more like figuring out where to order the pizza for the party. Well. Scratch that too. Truth: I want pizza for dinner tonight. So, maybe that means we need to taste-test for the party and I'll skip cooking?

Ciao, ragazzi!

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