Ada at 12 Months

>> 11.27.2012

Ada's first birthday came and went. The song was sung. The presents were opened. The candle, blown out. The cake . . . consumed.

Now it's over a week later, and I'm realizing that life still goes on after the one year mark. I guess those first months, I just kept thinking ONE YEAR OLD would be magically different. In many ways it is.

In many ways, though, it's business as usual with this one.

Here's a rundown:

Clothing size: Mostly 12-18 month because the 6-12 is too short. I also brought out a bunch of 18-24 month and even 2T and just roll stuff up. I figure why not get more use out of it? (PS: What's the difference between 18-24 month and 2T? Just length?)

Teeth: 12. TWELVE. All her molars are well through the gums. I even suspect she might be working on incisors now.

Meals: 4 breastfeeding sessions, 3 meals, and the occasional snack. We stopped feeding her at 11pm over a month ago and, after only a single night of weird sleep, it was dropped. I delayed the change for months because I was sure she'd stop sleeping through the night. But now, she's sleeps from 7:30 PM to 7:30 AM pretty reliably. (But I'll get to that more in a minute.)

Naps: Two, but I can tell something's up. The morning is usually 1 to 1.5 hours. The afternoon is usually 1 to 1.5 hours. It's been harder to get her settled these last couple weeks. She's needed more rocking and singing. She also started clinging to me when I put her in her crib.

Walking? Yes! Ada took her first steps a few days before her first birthday. Then nothing for a week. And all of a sudden, yesterday she started walking around, sometimes 10 or more steps at a time!

Words: This girl is getting chatty. She often has conversations with her toys. To add to all the "real" words last month, she now can identify an owl (awww-wahhhl). She also says ball, this, and even occasionally Santa. Really, she's starting to say a lot more, but it just takes a bit to realize it.

Beyond words, I can tell she's understanding much more.

We have this shape sorting cube, and I ask her to hand me the pieces -- and she does. I can also say "How big is Ada?" and she'll throw her hands in the air like we taught her (SO big!). Her newest trick? "How old is Ada?" -- emphasis on old because she'll get it confused with big -- and 8 times out of 10, she'll throw up a pointer finger to say 1 (but for whatever reason, she says "one" as "da").

Favorite activities: Reading books. Especially the ones with flaps (I'll need to do another favorite books post soon). Today, she's "reading" all about dinosaurs.

Other activities: Pointing at things everything. Checking out the Christmas tree ornaments. Trust-falling (she started doing this in our bed one day -- she just looks behind her briefly and falls back. BAD habit when not in the bed!). Oh, yeah. And dancing. All the time.

Favorite toys: My old cell phone. She loves our iPhones and remote controls. The other day while I was cleaning, I found an old flip phone of mine. I took the battery out of it and took off some of the smaller plastic pieces. She loves opening an closing it.

And, of course, she loves saying "bye" to the imaginary people on the other end. That's still her favorite word.

Weaning plans: I think we're going to cut one of the mid-day feeds soon. Ada doesn't eat food well at lunch, so I'm thinking she might be filling up on too much mommy milk. I have been reading that as long as a baby is nursing 3 times a day, there's no need to supplement with extra milk.

So, we'll see how 3 feeds goes. I'm not in a huge rush, though I would like to get down to only morning and night before 18 months. And if we do choose to supplement, I have a freezer full of pumped milk that isn't getting any younger.

Schedule: Pretty much the same as last month, minus the night feed.

What our house looks like:

I'm thinking about checking out the Toy Cure over on Apartment therapy. It's the curse of a birthday so close to Christmas, I think. Ada got some awesome toys at her birthday, and I think many that we're still holding onto might be too baby for her now.

It's so hard getting rid of things, though. Toys really do hold sentimental value. There's this one toy that particularly annoys me, but I just can't get rid of it because I remember the very first time she actually PLAYED with something was when she turned the wheel. I'm weird. Anyway, I think we'll just be packing a lot to go to the attic for whenever #2 comes along.

Sleep: Ada's been having what I can only figure to be night terrors. Always a couple hours after she's been asleep at night, she starts SCREAMING. I go up to her room and she's standing in her crib, not totally aware, or so it seems. It takes between 1 and 5 minutes to calm her down, and sometimes I have to turn on the light or go back in after a few minutes because she's screaming again.

I know she doesn't have an ear infection because we were just at the doctor. Her teeth are all in for the most part (and she doesn't have any of her other teething signs like drooling). So, we're keeping an eye on it. My parents tell me that I had night terrors. It's so hard to see her like that!

This is happening right now. So, I'd better go! (Stephen is home sick today, so he's taking care of it. Or you're sure I'd be running over there instead of snapping a photo.)

I'll be back tomorrow with a post about me a year after baby. Spoiler alert: I'm not steady back at my pre-pregnancy weight and I sometimes feel more like a mess than I did in the newborn days.

Oh, (pre)toddlers!

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