12 Month Checkup

>> 11.20.2012

Remember how I was trying my best to put worries out of my head after Ada's 9-month checkup? I did a pretty good job, actually. I'll get to that in a moment, though. Yesterday, Stephen joined me for her year appointment -- complete with shots -- and, as much as I love our doctor, we waited f.o.r.e.v.e.r to be seen.

REALLY forever. This girl was a trooper, but ended up having am mini-meltdown as we waited over an hour in our little room. In between all the waiting and nurses and shots, etc., we were at the office for over two hours.

That expectant look on her face says it all. We, too, thought someone would come through the door at any moment, Ada.

First, Ada's stats before I forget them.

Length: 29.5 inches (65th percentile -- up from the 50th) 
Weight: 19.6 pounds (25th percentile -- up from the 15th, yay!)
Head circumference: 19 inches . . .

For those of you who read my last post about Ada's macrocephaly (big head), yes. This measurement -- taken three times, I might add -- is off the charts. Again. Even more than last time. I almost started crying when I saw the nurse plot the dot on Ada's chart way up there in 100th+ territory.

I know a big head isn't always a reason for concern. However, in our case, I think it might be. You see, Ada hasn't always had a big head. It started out in the 50th percentile. Steady. Then somewhere along the way it jumped and keeps jumping. The doctor said it's this rate of growth that's the concern, not the actual measurement.

We now have to have an ultrasound to see what's going on. I won't write anything more since we don't know anything more. I am trying my best to stay cool until we know something more concrete. And I am hoping so much that it's just a fluke.

Everything else looks great. Ada's development is right on track. She's totally off her reflux meds now (and has been for months). We're supposed to continue an iron supplement, but I'm really not keen on that (she's never had blood work showing deficiency -- do any other of you parents give iron just because? I'd love more info.)

Of course, after all this head stuff and the rest of the checkup, we had to get on to the shots. Lots of them. And we did end up opting for the flu shot because Ada seems to relatively prone to illness. Despite staying home with me most days, she's had quite a few colds and viruses. We think it may be from Stephen's job as a high school teacher.

She was very tired an absolute mess when we got home (since the appointment ran through her usual afternoon nap). So, we let her do something we've always been told not to do. She napped from 4 till 5, breaking the whole no-sleep-past-4 "rule". She still slept through the night from 7:30 pm until 8:00 am, though.

Besides some grogginess, she seems OK from the shots, but I'm keep an eye on her. I'm honestly extremely preoccupied today as I wait to get her ultrasound appointment. I just want to get it done so we know something, even if that something ends up being nothing.

I plan to write another year update soon with more fun topics, like new words and stuff she's doing. For now, I'm off to finish some work!

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