On Food at 11 Months

>> 10.24.2012

I have Ada eating solids for a breakfast, lunch, and dinner these days. Since she's almost a year, I feel like many of my resources (my favorite) say to aim for three. At this stage, I definitely thought she'd primarily be feeding herself, but we are still rocking a mixed approach of spoon-feeding and baby-led feeding.

It's working for us, so I figure we'll just go with the flow.

  1. Usually breakfast is 2 tablespoons of baby oatmeal mixed with yogurt or fruit or sometimes almond milk. 
  2. Then lunch is tough, which I'll get to in a minute. 
  3. Dinner is any finger foods she'll eat. We really try and have her feed herself since she's most enthusiastic about this last meal. Favorites are any beans, tofu, peas, broccoli . . . and then usually a puree and sometimes more yogurt, depending on how hungry she is. We've tried toast and pasta, too, but she's not showing a ton of interest.
Lunch has been quite an issue, even after the worst of her solids strike passed us. I can't get her to eat much of anything, so I've stopped trying. I give her some leftovers -- for example, kidney beans and spelt cornbread -- and whatever is left from breakfast, be it puree or yogurt. When she starts fighting it, pushing the spoon away, or crying, I give up.

Today, we did something different!

I tend to dread 1 PM, which is when lunch falls, usually an hour after her late-morning nursing session. I decided to make myself a green smoothie since I've been feeling better on my New Leaf plan. Anyway, I brought it into the living room and sat down to play. Then Ada started crawling all over me and trying to stick her hands in it.

I thought I'd get rid of her curiosity by giving her a small sip. Then she took another. And another. She liked the smoothie! I took out the glass I had put in the refrigerator for Stephen and stuck a straw in it. She probably drank 1/3 cup. I was absolutely dumfounded.

I then saw her in her high chair and offered her a few bits of table food. Nada. And then some puree, which she ate reluctantly. I offered the smoothie again, and she sucked it down happily. In all, he probably had 1/2 cup.

We may need to try different things for lunch. Who knows. But I'll take it.


On another food-related note, now that the half marathon has passed us, we're attempting to drop Ada's 11 PM nursing session. We started on Monday night, and -- I hope this doesn't jinx us! -- she's been sleeping all the way from 7:30 until 7:30 with only a few peeps here and there.

I was so scared, OK -- terrified,  to drop this feed because she tends to eat quite a bit, and I've fallen in love with my stretch of sleep. So far? She hasn't missed it. I've tried giving us extra insurance by making sure she eats a good dinner and nurses well before bed.

You may remember how we dropped the 2 AM feed way back when. I imagine if she starts waking again, we'll follow that same type of plan.

Here's hoping for a good night #3!

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