Sunday Morning: Nursery Progress

>> 9.23.2012

The tree mural in Ada's nursery (here's the tour for reference) fell down about a month ago. It was a sad, sad day. I actually cried because I vividly remember taking all that time to put each piece up. Almost exactly a year ago. All while I was still waiting and wondering what it would be like to be a mom.

Emotions aside, I didn't know what to replace it with at first. As I was walking up the stairs yesterday -- our art in the hallway caught my eye. I bought this Martha Stewart ABC animal card set at Michael's years ago; I can't find them or I'd link. Anyway, they're adorable for a child's room. I just mounted them in frames at random.

I think the wall turned out nicely.


We found that long lettered art piece at Home Goods. I like the messaging for Ada to read over and over as she grows from a baby to toddler to kid to teen.

With all the changes, I wasn't feeling the rug anymore. Too busy. (Many of you have asked where we got it. I wish I could mail it to you easily!) Anyway, I changed it out with the white shaggy one we had in our bedroom. I then layered Stephen's childhood quilt over top for some visual interest.

We also exchanged the rocking chair with the other one we've had floating around various rooms of the house. Takes up less space. Plus, Ada never enjoyed being nursed in the rocking chair, so it wasn't being used much.

She loves all those frames on the wall.

But we're still in progress. I don't have photos of the entire room. We moved some furniture to get more play space by the chalkboard wall. And I have no idea how to change up the stuff -- birds and mirror combo -- above her crib. It seems so plain over there now.

Any thoughts?

I might just make a new tassel garland that coordinates better with the colors in the room now. Or I might not. They match OK enough to pass. Thankfully, the curtains still match everything quite well.

I'll try to post more photos soon.

(By the way, a few people have asked how we dress Ada for sleep in the colder months. I've debated using blankets since we've been told a flat NO by the doctor. Last year we bought this merino wool sleep sack. At first, it seemed expensive, but it's good for all four seasons and ages 3 months to 2 years. She wears it every night.)

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