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>> 9.20.2012

I got my new lens today! The 30mm f/1.4 from Sigma. Wasn't sure about ordering a 3rd party lens, but so far -- it's been far from a disappointment. I definitely love the 30mm versus the 50mm lens for indoor shots. I don't need to stand back as far.

Which means self portraits! (This is my Halloween costume, by the way. It cost me 50 cents. Ada finds the mask absolutely hilarious.)

Why, hello!

This is sort of the dark side of the moon. Well, what I mean is: The lesser-photographed side of my face. I didn't realize it until I saw this photo. It looked strange to me. Then I looked at a few other selfies and discovered I favor my right side.

Weird. Do you have a preferred side?

We're on day three of intense teething over here. It's sad for Ada, but I'd be lying if I told you it wasn't driving me bat sh*t crazy. We've got 7 teeth going on 10, and they can't come soon enough. She's super cranky and clingy. Biting EVERYTHING. We give her a dose of Tylenol tonight. I hate doing that, but she was a wreck.

I'm planning to write a post about breastfeeding a baby with lots of chompers soon. So many people seem to wean or think about weaning when teeth come in. It's not been a big deal for us.

Anyway, back to today. By the time Stephen got home, I looked like this. (Yes. I realize this is a lot of photos of myself. I promise to never do this again. I went a little nuts with the new lens.)

Terrible. I've been feeling pretty low about my appearance lately. My brows are a mess. My hairstyle is nonexistent. I used to get dressed up and do my makeup for work. I haven't done either of those things in what seems like eons.

And all my makeup was from the stone age and probably not hygienic at this point. So, I invested in some new things and followed this tutorial. A mini-makeover.

Before and after.

I'm not much of a makeup person, I usually only slap on some gloss, mascara, and foundation (blessed with acne-prone skin since I was like 12). Anyway, I don't see a massive difference, but I do think I look more refreshed. I f.e.e.l more refreshed.

Simply the act of putting on makeup feels nice. Like I'm doing something just for me. Even if I only plan to parade around the park down the street, which is all I've been doing this week since one of our cars is being wonky.

Yes. Stuck at home all week with teething baby who won't nap. It's been fun.

I'll leave on a high note.

Today Ada's outfit was perhaps my favorite ever. Striped pants. A thrifted I heart NY shirt. A hand-knit sweater from my friend Dani. A bow. Love! She looks like such a toddler in this photo. Sigh.

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