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>> 9.07.2012

I have a mixed bag of stuff to write about today. It's Friday. And for the first time in months, it actually feels like a weekend. Stephen will be home after his first week back at work. Ada and I survived. Best of all, she napped with no struggle -- and I was able to complete all my work.

I told my parents this morning that it seems like an alien kidnapped Ada and replaced her with a drone. The girl needs zero rocking to sleep lately. Plus, she goes from awake to asleep in a matter of minutes.

Even crazier? She's been sleeping through heavy street construction. This is the scene directly below her bedroom window.

Alright. Onto the randomness. Ada waited a long while before doing so, but she has now taken to chomping on her crib rail. Remember when I said I needed to get one of these nice fabric teething guards?

I never did. So, last night I whipped one up on my own using the fabric from her long-forgotten crib skirt, some quilt batting, and velcro.

I'm still new to sewing, so I wouldn't look too carefully. The lines are all crooked and overall work(wo)manship is shoddy. It's a great temporary fix until I hone my skills.

OK. I should show you the fasteners.

Hopefully she won't make a game of pulling them off.

You can make these guys pretty easily as well! (Seriously, if I can do it, you can do it.) I've found a couple great online tutorials for making teething guards, including this gorgeous sewn one and this fantastically simple no-sew project.

Gnaw away, little one.

Onto the next topic: Have you seen these classic toys by Fisher Price?

We came across them on a trip to Barnes and Noble earlier this week. We bought the chatter phone and my parents gave Ada the musical teaching clock. Actually, my parents said I had many of these toys when I was a baby.

Too bad they didn't keep any of them.

We would love the record player and picture disc camera for Christmas or birthday gifts. They also have a cute television, milk wagon, piano, radio, and more. I love that they are simple, most don't require batteries, and aren't obnoxious.

Yeah. Those items are my primary criteria with toys.

For our daily outing, Ada and I trekked to the county library and got a card. We signed out a couple books and got the lap-sit story time schedule for the month. Forget books -- Ada's favorite thing to do is play with these little activity tables!

Well, that . . . and to stare at all the other little kids.

I was excited to be there, too. I met a couple nice moms who were really chatty and outgoing. I would really like to meet for mom-friends because Ada and I have finally figured out how to go places in between naps and nursing sessions. It's a whole new world and we can't wait to explore it.

Speaking of outings . . .

I had to return a few things at the mall yesterday, so we hit up the new-ish indoor playground (it was way too hot to go to the swings down the street). This girl couldn't get to everything fast enough. And I didn't even capture the half of it. Hilarious!

It's been good to find even more indoor places for when the winter descends on us for a good 5 or 6 months. I am thinking of compiling all the information for stuff to do, dividing it between FREE and NOT FREE -- complete with coupons/etc., and putting it into some type of binder.

Anyway, Ada was standing on some type of rubber butterfly or something, so I turned away quickly -- seriously 2 seconds -- to put on my Beco carrier. All of a sudden, I realized she crawled a little outside the play area. I knew she was mobile, but the girl is getting really fast, and I need to watch it.


So, happy weekend to you all. What are your plans? Stephen has a race on Sunday that I may or may not run as well. Tonight we have some dinner plans. Otherwise, I think we're going to lay low and recover from all the newness of this week.

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