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>> 9.05.2012

Ada loves books. For a while, Stephen and I joked because my parents were the first to declare that statement. When she was only 3 or 4 months old. Surely she can't LOVE books yet, we thought. We're just assigning this characteristic to her along with how she has my hands and her grandfather's nose, etc.

As with most things, my parents were right. 5 months later, it's most definitely true. The girl loves her books. Particularly board books because she can turn the pages easily. And chew on them. (The girl chews on everything with all those teeth!) She also likes to open and close them as we read. Over and over and over again.

Here are some of our favorites.

My best friend Lindsey gave us the Charley Harper Colors book for a shower gift. I love the simple, but clever illustrations. And the COLOR! We always joke about the fancy "old fashioned lady in the hot pink hat."

There are several others, including the Charley Harper 123s, and ABCs books -- I might just have to add to my cart for Ada's birthday. At under $10, it's hard to resist. They just look neat laying around the house.

I'm loving these books by Lorena Siminovich. Of course, they're on the topic of food. But the illustrations are beautiful and textural. Two particular copies that I have saved in my bookmarks: I like Fruit and I Like Vegetables.

I figure it's smart to instill those good eating habits now!

On our babymoon, we bought Ada the In My Tree book by Sara Gillingham and Lorena Siminovich (yeah -- I guess we love her!). These books are cute because the pictures are gorgeous BUT you also get this little finger puppet.

There are all different varieties, including this adorable In My Ocean edition with a flipping dolphin, In my Nest (bird), In My Den (bear), and more.

I just discovered these classic literature-based books by Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver. How cool are they? Stephen, our resident English teacher, would love to introduce Ada to Shakespeare with Romeo & Juliet and Lewis Carroll with Alice in Wonderland.

There are many others, too.

Like Dracula and Jane Eyre, split into color and counting primers. We also have Pride & Prejudice by "Little Miss Austen" (above).

If you're more into art, there are books for that, too. This series from Julie Appel and Amy Guglielmo caught my eye, though we don't have any of them personally. Some titles include Touch the Art: Pop Warhol's Top, Catch Picasso's Rooster, and Make Van Gogh's Bed.

These books are longer -- about 20 pages -- and promise to engage 3 of the 5 senses: sight, sound, and touch. Seriously, where were these kinds of books when we were little?

Last, but not least. Stephen's mom bought Ada this little set of chunky board books called Green Start Book Towers. I hadn't ever seen these -- but I guess they're a thing. Tiny books with thick pages made for small hands to manipulate.

We have the stack of Nursery Rhymes. There are others, including Animals, Learning, and more. We often sit Ada in her high chair and let her play with/read the book as we prepare dinner. Bonus: They are really short and perfect to stash in the diaper bag.

What are your little one's favorite board books?

We'd love some suggestions. We're thinking for her first birthday, we'd like to ask for books rather than toys. But that's another issue entirely. (And I plan to write all about it sometime soon!)

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