9 Months of Cloth Diapering

>> 9.13.2012

Ada turns 10 months on Sunday. This shot may be my favorite photo yet. Sometimes I capture her in just the right way, and I feel convinced it's what she'll look like as an adult.

What do you think?

What this also means is that 9 months of stink has been collecting in her cloth diapers. We've had so many #2 false alarms in the past month, it was time to do something. So, I decided to bring out the big guns and strip her diapers.

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I researched various natural ways to strip the diapers. Honestly, they had gotten so rotten, I didn't think many of them would work. And after taking advice from some forum threads -- ultimately, we went with the Bum Genius manufacturer's instructions.

To strips diapers, wash in HOT water with 1 teaspoon of classic Dawn (the blue kind) for HE machines (1 tablespoon for regular machines) + 1/2 cup bleach. After that, do two or three additional rinse cycles. Dry as usual, preferably in the sun.

Yeah. I didn't love using bleach. For various reasons, but at least after several rise cycles, I felt pretty confident none of it would linger and have a negative impact on Ada.

Verdict? It worked. The diapers smell . . . well, actually, they don't smell anymore. At all. I guess it's good to do this process every few months to keep them fresh. I am investigating better detergents in the meantime so I may not need to use such intense cleaners.

Have you stripped your diapers? What would you say is the best way?

In other related news, I bought Ada a potty. I know it's really early, but Zulily is having a sale on a BeBeLove potty, so I jumped on it. I'm not sure how much longer their sale goes on, but it was the same as this one except only $11!

And now for the cutest video EVER.

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