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>> 8.14.2012

I'm continually amazed by the things I'll do for my daughter. Remember the Momsicles (breastmilk popsicles) I made before Ada started solids? Well, I took it to another level last night. I made scrambled egg yolk. As in, scrambled with breastmilk.

Should I have given y'all a TMI-alert? I assume if you read this site, you're cool with this sort of thing. Though, I've been told it's never safe to assume.

The idea wasn't mine. I got it from my favorite all-things-baby-food site, Wholesome Baby Food. After pouring over the info there, I have decided to hold off on egg whites until I double check with our pediatrician at Friday's appointment. Ada's had a few reactions to foods in the past, and it wasn't pretty.

Egg yolks, though, are fair game

The recipe for scrambled egg yolks is simple: Separate egg yolk from egg white. Scramble with breastmilk (formula, juice, or whole milk). Cook as you would "normal" scrambled eggs. Serve to little fingers.

Making them on the stove made me gag. The smell. Ick. But Ada really liked them with some toast sticks spread with pureed veggies.

I'll write more about it in her 9-month update, but we're delving into proteins big time this month. We're choosing to bring up Ada vegetarian or possibly pescatarian, as that's how we eat. So, we're looking for all the information we can get about developing bodies and good sources of protein.

Here are a few resources I've found so far:

Raising a Vegetarian Baby (Wholesome Baby Food)
Tips for Feeding Vegetarian Kids (What to Expect)
Is it Healthy to Have a Vegetarian Baby? (Dr. Bob Sears)
How to Give Your Baby Complete Protein w/o Meat (Savvy Vegetarian)
Vegetarian Diets and Children (Better Health)

Vegetarian or not, we're definitely learning as we go along. Once Ada gets into toddlerhood, as long as she's eating anything at all, it's success. We had a couple days recently where she was refusing solids -- ramped up with nursing -- and I can only imagine the frustration some of my friends have experienced with their picky little ones!

Are you raising a vegetarian child? Do you have any personal experience or wisdom to share. Links and other sources? We would love to gather them up for a resource page on the matter.

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