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>> 8.07.2012

We've been cloth diapering Ada for 8 of her (almost) 9 months. We traveled to visit family here and there, but never anything requiring more than a night or two away from home. As we planned our summer vacations, which included both a camping excursion and trip to the shore, the idea of hauling around a stinky stash wasn't exactly appealing.

Doable, yes. We had successfully visited Stephen's parents in NJ -- cloth diapers in tow -- on several occasions. Those times, we brought everything in a laundry basket: Diaper covers, inserts, wet bag, and our usual detergents. Since we were only there for a few days, we did a single load. Easy as that.

Camping at the music festival didn't feature amenities like washing machines. And using a stranger's machine to get out liquids and solids wasn't ideal.

So, a few months ago we weighed our options.
  • Bring cloth, but let them fester until we got home. No. This one sounded like a sure way to ruin our investment in cloth. I could only imagine mold and stink beyond my comprehension. Plus, a lot of work.
  • Use disposables exclusively. We thought about this one. Nothing wrong with using disposables. But when we went to the store to look, we discovered that Ada was between sizes -- hard to decide which to buy. We also don't love the idea of the waste created.
  • Try gDiapers, which are a hybrid of cloth and disposables. YES! The more we thought about it, it would be a perfect compromise. Plus, the size medium (13 to 28 pounds) would fit her for a while, maybe until she's 2, which is another summer vacation season entirely!
Our investment in gDiapers initially started with a two-pack of gPant Diaper Covers from Amazon.com for $16, as well as a package of the biodegradable inserts for $20. (Please note that this "review" isn't sponsored in any way. I'm just enthusiastic about gDiapers because they're working well for our travels!)

We bought them in the Green/Pink combination for Ada's Easter present. Not terribly exciting for her, but we'll make it up next year. 

Now, one reason we've liked cloth so much is because Ada has hardly had any diaper rash. So, it's great that the inserts for the gDiapers are "made from wood fluff pulp and sodium polyacrylate for absorbency and are breathable similar to modern sports clothing." In addition, we liked that the "refills can be tossed into the trash, composted, or even flushed down the toilet."

Takes care of our waste concern. CHECK!

Our diapering process while we're out is simple. Use the gDiapers as we do cloth. We change Ada before every feeding during the day. Unless she's dirty sooner. We haven't experienced any leaks this way. We also haven't experienced any diaper rash.

Two diapers does the trick for one day. We just use one, load the other -- change -- load the old for the next change, repeat. Yeah. We reuse the gPant, but we haven't had a dirty/gross one. When we're camping, we just hung it up to let it air out a bit. For our longer trip, we did invest in another set of gPants in Purple/Orange.

NOTE: We typically flush our inserts. But they're OK to toss, too. If you do choose flushing, just be careful. I did a test-run at home once and forgot to follow the instructions -- the outer absorbency layer turned to gel and quickly multiplied, filling our toilet with goo. So weird!

Here's some photos of the different parts. The fabric outer covering, the inner "pouch," and the insert.

Night is another story. We haven't used them at night because I just don't know if they'd hold up. They get quite full after the 3-4 hour stretch during days, which is understandable, so we continue to use a double-stuffed cloth diaper at night.

On our camping trip, we stored the dirty cloth in our Planet Wise wet bag until we returned home. It was only 3 nights, so, 3 diapers. At the shore, we had a washing machine and a few wet diapers weren't a problem to wash up.

Overall, this system is working well for us while we're on vacations and even on some day trips. It may seem like an added investment on top of cloth when you could just get ordinary disposables. But like I said, what we have will fit her till she's 2 and we'll have them for the next child(ren), too!

You can find all the colors on Amazon.com -- as well as good deals if you wanted to buy the inserts in bulk. I have also found gDiaper supplies at Wegmans in a pinch.

I'm sure I've forgotten things. So, please. Ask any questions! I also forgot to mention that if you're just starting to consider using cloth, the gDiaper people also make cloth inserts -- so you can use the diapers for both cloth AND disposable purposes.

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