Baby Must-Haves (6-9 Months)

>> 8.28.2012

It's that time again. Ada's already on her way to being in the double-digits as we approach her first birthday. I'd say this last 3-month span may have been the most remarkable yet in terms of her development.

For those of you new to the site, we've been covering the items we've used the most, the ones we've not, and focusing on frugality with this series. We hope our suggestions have been helpful to you!

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a.) Chicco Lightweight Stroller
b.) Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag
c.) Melissa + Doug Music Set

a.) I resisted buying another stroller. But the BOB Revolution SE (our jogging stroller) is somewhat heavy. Baby-wearing is my preferred method, but sometimes in the summer -- way too hot for mom AND baby. This umbrella stroller does a great job if we're out and only weighs like 10 pounds total. b.) We hadn't used our wet/dry bag in a while, but with all the vacations and outings this summer, it sure came in handy. Now I just keep it in our diaper bag at all times. c.) After checking out a local baby music class, I decided it was too much money. So, we got the Band in a Box set from M + D. Ada loves music time! They make a more deluxe version, but ours was only $20.  


a.) Tambourine
b.) Clothes

a.) Somehow, we have a tambourine. Like a real, adult one. I have no idea where it came from. But Ada loves it. LOVES it.
b.) I guess this is more for the future, because most of the clothes we've recently received are in the 12-18 month size. But we're always thinking ahead of the game. We're all set fashion-wise for the next year, it seems!


a.) Shoes
b.) Rocking Chair
c.) Freezer Trays

a.) Have I written this one before? Ada does not like shoes, and as a non-walker in the summer months, I've seen no reason to push the issue. However, we did recently buy this cute pair of Monster Robeez for the fall months upon us. We figure they'll be lightly used and worn by a future sibling. b.) We haven't sat in the rocking chair once this entire 3-month stretch. We always nurse side-laying on our bed. We always read books downstairs on the bean bag. Hm. c.) I bought all sorts of freezer trays, like these ones, thinking I'd be making huge batches of baby food to fill them with. In the last three months, we've mostly pureed fresh or given Ada table food. We're using them to freeze herbs currently.


a.) Any sort of playground equipment
b.) BOB Handlebar Console

a.) I know. She's a baby -- a little too young for swing-sets, etc. But with a great park down the street, I doubt we'll ever spring for anything for the yard. b.) I think in our last post, we did say we wish we had bought a handlebar console for the jogger. It's three months later, and it's definitely something we have lived life just fine without.


a.) iPlay Swim Diaper
b.) More hats
c.) Crib Teething Guard (Cloth)

a.) You gals suggested we get a swim diaper, but we dragged our feet and ended up using disposable swimmers all summer. Will definitely change this for next year (or even sooner if we sign up for a swim class.) b.) I mentioned how Ada's head is big. Well, all sunny summer long, those wide-brimmed hats we had got too small. I wish we had purchased one in a larger size versus squeezing her into the ones we have. c.) I saw a teething guard like this one on Emily's blog -- and definitely think it's something we might need to get. Ada love gnawing on, well, everything.


a.) Snack Trap
b.) Tails Book by Matthew Van Fleet
c.) Time

a.) Now that we regularly give Ada puffs and Cheerios to snack on, it's nice to let her have them wherever she is versus always having to sit in the high chair. Stephen's mom gave her this cute snack trap -- she figured it out in just a few minutes! b.) Ada's favorite book was given to her for some holiday, which I now can't recall. Anyway, the Tails book is all about, uh, tails. And they MOVE! So much fun. c.) Of course, the greatest gift we're regularly given is babysitting time. We're not always the best at taking it, but we appreciate the generous offers and plan to redeem them soon.


a.) Rice Box
b.) Anything and everything

a.) Though we specifically bought the plastic storage container for this Rice Box project, I am sure if we looked hard enough, we could have dug one up from the basement or attic. b.) Reality? Everything that isn't a toy . . . is a toy to Ada. I see that this is a common theme among other bloggers and moms I follow. She'll sit amuzed for some time looking at the vacuum cleaner, door stop, or packaging. Of course, this is instead of playing with all her colorful toys.


a.) Doorway Jumper
b.) Burp cloths
c.) Graco Swing/Bouncer 2-in-1

a.) Sniff. We're going to have to pack away the doorway jumper soon. We've reached the max height capacity somehow. It should be good for another month or so. But she's getting too big! b.) I can't remember the last time I used a burp cloth. I may just pack them away -- but I hope I'm not jinxing us! c.) Once and for all, we have retired the swing. We thought we were done with it during our last posting, but then she liked it again for a couple weeks. Now? She wants absolutely nothing to do with it. Dear swing: It was a good run, but we're done.

Paying it forward: As I've mentioned several times, we have some awesome friends who have let us borrow/given us tons of things for baby. Now we're in the position of doing the same, and it feels great to share. We recently gifted some clothes to a friend expecting her first girl any day now.

I'm sure there will be many more opportunities to give as the months roll on! And if you liked this post, be sure to check out the 0-3 Month Edition and the 3-6 Month Edition.

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