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>> 6.19.2012

I've been meaning to do an updated day-in-the-life post for a while. Now that Ada's 7 months old, I feel like we're getting into a groove. A somewhat predictable pattern, though it does certainly change from day to day.

Here's a typical Tuesday.

Ada wakes sometime between 7AM and 8AM. She used to wake crying, but lately it's more like she chats with herself. So, I let her until she seems to get bored. It's funny listening to her conversations. Then I go into her nursery, change her diaper, give her a dose of her reflux meds, and feed her.

We head downstairs to play for an hour or so. I eat breakfast while she plays. Then it's nap time again. For the longest time, I didn't believe that her crankiness in the morning was being tired. But once I figured it out, it's changed so much for the better.

Her morning nap is usually between an hour and two hours long. The city is replacing our street this summer, so it's been rather loud -- lots of pounding of pavement and beeping of trucks. So far, though, it hasn't disrupted her. I usually blog or do housework while she's sleeping.

Depending on the day, I feed her right when she wakes or we play for a bit, then nurse. (Today I experimented with feeding her while she sat in the Beco -- getting ready for a music festival we're going to in July.) I give her "breakfast" -- oatmeal cereal mixed with breast milk or sometimes fruit puree. I eat a snack along with her.

Then it's off to exploring again. Often we head to the park down the street. Sometimes we head out and run errands, like grocery shopping (probably tomorrow). Today it was rainy, so we stayed inside.

After another two hours or so, she gets sleepy again. Really, it's like clockwork and we never tried to make a schedule this way. So, I take her up, rock her a bit, and she naps for another hour to two hours.

I eat lunch. I do more housework (holy laundry!) or make food for dinner/etc. It's surprising how fast those hours go.

When she wakes, I quickly try to finish up what I was doing, in this case folding, and usually fail. So, then feed her again or we play, depending on where in that three-hour feeding cycle we are.

This part of the day is fun. We crawl around together. Play with the iPad. Read books. Chase cats. I try to devote my entire attention to her, whereas during other parts of the day I'm usually trying to catch up on work or do other house stuff.

Sometime around 3:30, Stephen gets home from work. She go crazy when he bursts through the door. Ear-to-ear smile every single time. He plays with her for a bit while I respond to some comments/emails.

Then we both head off for our afternoon runs. Lately, Stephen's been taking Ada in the jogger. She screams when I take her, but not when he's driving. We get back, shower, and turn our attention to making dinner.

Tonight was breakfast night -- we made tofu scramble with potatoes and a fried egg. Protein, baby. Ada noshed on carrot puree.

We've gotten really fast at eating. No joke, I think we each inhaled our food in five minutes flat. We usually feed Ada early on in the meal, so we keep her occupied by bringing out a favorite toy.

When it's around 7PM, we head upstairs for naked time. Obviously not shown here. I guess we'll call it diaper time.

But that's where Ada rolls around on her nursery floor. We read books to her. Practice all sorts of things like sitting, standing, singing. The cats always watch, too. It's a true family affair. Every couple nights, I fold all her clean diapers, too.

Bath time is Stephen's responsibility. We used to both do it, but I thought it would be nice for him to have something that he just does with Ada. Usually while they are scrubbing the bubbles, I'm running around trying to pick up her nursery (it's the only clean-ish room in the house) and prepare her PJs.

By the time her bath is over, around 7:30 by this point, Ada is usually tired. She cries and is hungry. It all goes pretty fast. Stephen dries her off. Combs her hair (it's so cute to watch him do this!). Dresses her. And then it's time for another nursing session. Always the side-laying in our bed -- calms her down.

And by 8PM, she's asleep. I grab the monitor and head downstairs for a few hours of alone time with Stephen. We're both pretty exhausted. We watch some TV. Get caught up with some of our friends online. Chat on the phone with parents, etc. The basics.

If she doesn't wake first, sometimes around 10:30, we head upstairs around 11PM and do a dream-feed with Ada. I'm not sure, but we might stop doing it sometime soon. However, we recently dropped her 2AM/3AM-ish feeding, so I'm in no rush to drop another one.

And -- knock on wood!!! -- she usually sleeps from 11:15PM or so until 7AM to 8AM. It isn't always like that, but with her white noise machine, she does quite well. I am thankful for her good sleep patterns because for a very, very long time . . . it just wasn't this way. I'm getting as much sleep at night as I can because I am constantly reminded that it can all change in an instant.

That's pretty much it. We don't have lots of baby classes that we do or friends that we see (though we do have a play-date tomorrow afternoon). It gets lonely at home sometimes. I'm definitely not used to it yet having worked for so many years.

I enjoy being a SAHM, though. And I am adding a few new things/responsibilities over the next couple months that will make me more of a part-time WAHM, too. Stephen, a teacher, will be home during July and August. I can't wait to spend so much time together as a family. I feel very fortunate these days, that's for sure.

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