Med-Free Hospital Birth Stories

>> 5.14.2012

I apologize for seemingly slacking on the Med-Free Hospital Birth series. I will be writing a post later this week about Choosing the Right Caregiver, which is section two from my original outline.

(If you're just catching up, section one was all about Understanding Goals and Motivations related to the process. And you can read about why I'm writing this series here.)

Thanks to some absolutely amazing ladies, we are skipping ahead a bit to give you a picture of what intervention-free birth looks like in the hospital setting. These stories are an invaluable resource, so I hope you will enjoy reading them and get as much from them as you can.


I encourage you to visit these ladies' blogs or find them on Twitter if you have additional questions.

To give you an idea of the sort of information that these women cover in their posts, I asked everyone to consider the following questions:
  • Why did you choose to give birth in a hospital?
  • What types of preparations did you do?
  • When you were in labor, did you encounter any issues at the hospital that went against your plan to go naturally?
  • What methods helped you have the birth experience you wanted/etc?
  • And any tips or advice you'd like to add.

We originally had around 20 women who were planning to submit stories. I think 8 is a fantastic start. But if you would also like to share your story about med-free delivery in the hospital setting, I'm writing this as an open invitation.

Here are the guidelines, and I plan to add additional stories to this page each month.
  • The post you submit need not be long, just enough to cover what you'd like to say and offer to other women as they plan their own birth process. If the story you want to share is already written elsewhere, if you could please edit it just slightly to make sure it fits these guidelines, that would be great.
  • And as far as HOW to submit the post, a plain-text email or document will do just fine.
  • In addition to your story, I would love a few sentences bio for each person who is submitting. Stuff like your name (first is fine), your blog address (if applicable), and anything else fun you'd like to share.
  • It'd be great to have at least one photo for your post. This need not be a photo of you -- or your child, for that matter -- if you're not comfortable. But any illustration that has something to do with your birth or babies or you would do just fine. (Please send images that are at least 600 pixels in width!)
Also, please title your email MED-FREE BIRTH STORY so I can pick it out from the rest of the messages in my inbox. I very much appreciate your interest. If you have additional questions, I'd be happy to answer them. Just email us at writingchapterthree [at] gmail [dot] com.

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