Baby Must-Haves (3-6 Months)

>> 5.30.2012

Uhm. Ada's 6.5 months old.

When we last visited this topic, Baby Must-Haves (0-3 Months), I certainly had A LOT to write. Still do, but I think I'll keep my piece pretty basic this time around. Top two or three in each category.


a.) Cloth Wipes
b.) Breathable Bumper
c.) Pacifiers

a.) We wrote all about it already, but now after using cloth wipes for over a month, we're smitten. It's just so much easier at wash time. b.) Ada has this habit of flailing around while she sleeps and often gets caught with an arm or leg outside the crib. So, we bought one of those breathable bumpers. Safe and problem solved! c.) It took us a while to find the right kind (MAM), but we are thankful Ada took to a pacifier. She only uses it to ease down at nap times. But it's enabled us to help Ada help herself fall asleep without so much rocking, etc. Usually once she's fallen asleep, I take it out of her mouth after a minute or so.


a.) Basic Bottles
b.) Lansinoh Bags. Lots of 'em.

a.) The manual breast pump (Harmony) my friend Erin gave me came with some very basic bottles. Strangely enough, they are Ada's favorite and the only she'll drink from. Weird, eh? b.) My friend Lindsey had a bunch of breast milk storage bags left over from her little one. I used to use Medela, but I love the Lansinoh so much more. Almost running out.


a.) Crib Soother
b.) Wipe Warmer
c.) Baby plates, bowls, etc.

a.) In complete desperation we went out and bought one of those musical contraptions you strap to the crib that is supposed to help ease baby into sleep. Did not work at all. She likes it alright, but doesn't do its job. I took it off the crib because it kept falling down, too. b.) I mentioned this on the last list. I thought we might use the wipe warmer when we started using cloth wipes. But we just use a plastic container for that. Plus, Ada seems to like the cool solution now that it's hot outside. c.) I imagine we'll use them eventually, but between giving Ada chunks of real food, mixing cereal in little bowls we already had, and the occasional jar of food -- we haven't needed any baby-specific stuff. Well, except a couple tiny spoons.


a.) Baby Food Maker
b.) Video Monitor

a.) (Image Credit)I eyed them at the store when I was pregnant. But making baby food is as simple as this: Steam fruit/veggies. Puree in food processor that we already have. Serve. b.) I know it was on our last list, but I said at one point that I wanted a video monitor. Now that Ada is sleeping in her room full-time, I have changed my mind back. There's really no need.


a.) Different High Chair
b.) BOB Handlebar Console
c.) Another Car Seat Base

a.) Ours is working out well, so there aren't any problems. But for Baby-Led Weaning, it's easier if the baby can sit right up to the dinner table versus having his/her own tray. This basic high chair from Ikea is temping at only $20 . . . but I think we'll stick with what we already have. b.) (Image Credit) Sure, I can stash water underneath the stroller, but it'd be much easier if we ordered the console. That's what gift cards are for, I guess! c.) Maybe I'm just lazy, but switching cars is annoying when we have to take out the base and put it in the other vehicle.


a.) Doorway Jumper
b.) Go-Pod
c.) Jogging Stroller
d.) Beco carrier

a.) As I mentioned in our FAQ Video, Ada is in love with her doorway jumper (this one). Whenever she's cranky, it's a usual first try for something to snap her out of it. Usually works like a charm. Plus, when I'm taking a shower, it's nice to pop on the bathroom door to keep her occupied for a few minutes. b.) Stephen's mom gave Ada her Go-Pod, pictured above. It's a fantastic alternative to this gigantic plastic monsters you see in most homes. Folds away quickly, too! Plus, you can attach any toy you want to it with links. c.) We don't have to go into too much detail because we write about it all the time (Here, here, and here, for example). But we use the jogging stroller (BOB Revolution SE) m.u.l.t.i.p.l.e times daily. d.) Same goes with our Beco carrier. We take it everywhere and use it at least once a day.


a.) Towels
b.) Quilts
c.) Plastic Lunch Containers

a.) We've found even more uses for towels these past several months. We use them to prop Ada in the BOB. We use them underneath us for nighttime feedings (laying down). And even outdoors as a makeshift blanket. b.) All our quilts have become throw rugs as Ada has started crawling. I hate when she bangs her head on the floor when she topples over, so I have laid several on the floor in the family room leading to the dining area (where we spend most of our time). c.) We use 'em for storing cloth wipes and homemade solution.


a.) Boppy Pillow at 3 months
b.) Swing at 4 months
c.) Swaddle at 5 months
d.) Pack 'n Play at 6 months

Do you have any items to add or take away from these lists? Just leave a comment or email us at writingchapterthree [at] gmail [dot] com.

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