Ada's Nursery Tour

>> 2.07.2012

It's surprising how clean Ada's nursery looks in these photos. To take them, I had to rotate around piles of clothing and other clutter. It was worth it, though. I've been meaning to post a nursery tour for months. I'm hoping to include some tutorials on how to make certain items in the near future.

First, this is what the room looked like before we got to work:


I'm hoping to break down the total cost of this project sometime soon. In short: It wasn't expensive. We bought a crib and the window seat. Otherwise, we re-purposed or benefited from hand-me-downs. Score!

Here are some numbers I do know . . .

We purchased the following items for the space:

Crib: $299
Bench: $59
Fabric + Supplies: $50
Curtain rod: $20
Paint: $35
Musical Owl: $50
Art: $50
TOTAL: $563

Here's what we used that we already had (and approx. savings):

Mirror: $35
Rocking chair: $100
Rug: $100
Pillows: $50
Lamp: $40
Light fixture: $100
Other decorative items: $50
Changing table/dresser: $200

Of course, these numbers are only approximations based on if we bought everything new. Regardless, I'd say we did well balancing what we had with what we ended up purchasing.

If you haven't been following the baby blog, I initially wanted to keep Ada's nursery relatively gender-neutral (here's our first plan). It ended up more feminine after we discovered a floral rug in one of our closets.

Yeah. That's sort of the central theme: Budget/Handmade chic. (My best friend Lindsey made that knit blanket on the crib.) We didn't have a load of money to spend on decorating. So I made her curtains (here's how), crib skirt, and cushions.

We also made these awesome book slings that we've seen all over the internet. (My friend Dani made the framed A.)

We initially resisted wall decals. But when we found a simple black tree, we couldn't resist. It compliments out chalkboard wall perfectly. And we made it unique by installing it as half a tree versus the entire thing (there were two arrangement options).

We re-purposed our TV console for her room, too. It serves as a generously sized dresser and changing table -- all in one. We kept the decorations simple. Ada loves staring up at her name during diaper changes. (My mother-in-law gave me the letters, I spray-pained them.)

We also chose to forgo a traditional mobile. They are expensive and babies can't necessarily use them for very long. Instead, I hung colorful flags between the beaks of two thrifted birds (also spray-painted).

Though she doesn't sleep in her crib yet, I can tell Ada loves her nursery.

No. Really! I'm not just speaking for my baby. She's enthralled by all the bold colors and patterns. If she's particularly cranky, I take her up to the rocking chair and turn her around. In seconds, she's wide-eyed and taking it all in, especially the tree.

(Did you catch the clutter in that photo? I thought I got away with it. Nope!)

We'll be sure to post tutorials on how to make certain items -- like the book slings and curtains -- soon!

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