Untangle Doll Hair + Smoothie Cubes

>> 10.30.2014

Some of you may have seen my photos from Instagram the other day when I untangled Ada’s Repunzel doll. It was a long time coming, but I guess in between all the writing, cleaning, and thinking I do -- smoothing princess tresses makes the responsibility list.

Here’s a before/after:


1. // I just mixed together a couple tablespoons of my natural conditioner (I use Everyday Shea) with a couple tablespoons of wonderfully versatile epsom salt, then I filled the rest of the spray bottle with warm water.

2. // After shaking to incorporate, I brushed out as much of the big knots as possible.

3. // Then I spritzed to dampen, let sit for a minute, and got back to brushing.

4. // Finally, I rinsed with plain water, wrung hair out, then let the doll dry overnight.


As far as these smoothie cubes go, they’re pretty basic. You make the smoothie, you drink a lot and save any extra in these handy silicone cube trays. Even if it’s only enough for a few cubes. keep them in a bag in your freezer, then use as you need ‘em. Ada usually drinks 3-4 of them mixed with some milk. Sometimes a few more, if she’s particularly hungry.

If you’re looking for some good smoothie recipes, I have quite a few on (never)homemaker.

My favorite for Ada:

What’s your kid’s favorite green smoothie? 

I’d love to try some new recipes with Ada!

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Last-Minute Faerie

>> 10.29.2014

Remember Ada’s first halloween? I sure wish I could squeeze her back into that snuggly lion costume. We didn’t do much that year for festivities, but it was still a special occasion because it was the start of something. And here we are two years later.

Talk about time-warp!

Real trick-or-treating in our town isn’t until the actual holiday this year. Last night, we loaded into the car and went to Wegmans for their in-store party. Did I mention it was 74 degrees outside? My parents (Ada’s Gigi and Granco -- long story about grandpa’s name) gave Ada a gorgeous princess dress for her costume this year. The only problem? It’s heavy with long sleeves, so it didn’t jibe with the weather. Thankfully, the forecast calls for snow this weekend (!!!) -- so she’ll get good use of the dress anyway.

We had to improvise with some dress-up clothes and eventually decided on a wingless faerie. I can’t help looking at these photos and thinking that we -- instead -- dressed her like a little girl versus a toddler. As Ada nears her birthday, her looks are changing dramatically. Her hair’s getting darker. Her limbs are noticeably longer. Her face is maturing. She’s just plain growing

The fun:

If you’re in for more reading, you can check out last year’s post On Spirits, since I didn’t do much of a Halloween recap. Otherwise, I’ll be back soon with some more preschool food hacks to get your kid eating more veggies. (And if you don’t click over to the other site, you might want to snag some of those make-ahead recipes I posted yesterday.)

What costumes are your kids (or YOU) wearing this year?

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Begin Again

>> 10.27.2014

Awesome. You guys are just awesome. Thanks for your responses to my last post about why I don’t read most mommy blogs anymore. As I wrote in the comments, I wasn’t meaning to generalize all mommy blogs (and the phenomenon extends beyond this specific genre, too!) or say that people who can afford and/or value nice things are bad people. Not at all. Instead, it’s the flaunting for the sake of status sort of deal that I’m fed up with. I think most of you understand where I’m coming from, and -- as always -- it’s nice to know I’m not alone in my thoughts.

With regard to parenting, this is all that matters. And I’ll take happy selfies even when I’m minus makeup and haven’t yet washed my hair. (Don’t worry, though, I intend to bathe later today!)

What wasn't so awesome was the start to my weekend. Well, kinda sorta. I very abruptly and unexpectedly ended the big wait that I wrote about a couple weeks ago. Yup -- I found out I’m (yet again) not pregnant this month. And that’s OK with me, but it’s how it’s happening that’s not so cool. Confusing, mostly. After years of having absolutely normal, predictable cycles that I tracked with the fertility awareness method -- everything is totally + completely messed up now. The details aren’t worth sharing, but I’m headed to the doctor this week to see if anything is amiss in this uterus of mine.

But that did mean I could drink blueberry wine and go for a fast run (10K in under 50 minutes with most miles in the 7:45 range -- speed feels sublime!), which is something I didn’t write about in the how I’m living in limbo post. Yes, I have lowered my weekly mileage overall to lessen the stress I’m putting on my body. I’m abstaining from alcohol. Etc. I know these things aren’t necessary and that they don’t mean a baby is more likely to stick -- I just feel better living this way right now. In that week when I find out that I’m not with child, though, I need some stuff to build my sanity back up again. So, I usually do a long run (maybe 8-10 miles), a solid pace run (something under 8 minutes/mile), and imbibe a little (cheap champagne, mostly).

A couple of you asked if sharing bits and pieces of our TTC journey means that I’ll be giving instant results with my pregnancy tests, and I had to think about it. Obviously if I’m sharing this much (why am I sharing this much? I don’t know -- it feels much better than pretending it’s not going on), it only makes sense. Thing is, I’m only really able to share what I’m ready to share -- things that are for sure. With pregnancy in the early stages (and really beyond that), it’s not always a sure thing. Finding out I’m not pregnant? That’s for sure, so I felt like writing about it. Having a chemical pregnancy sucks . . . and it’s a sure thing when the line goes from positive to negative, so I wrote about it. Going forward, I might calm down the TTC talk, but I figured I owed you an explanation.

In other words, when I do get the positive sign, I will probably keep it to myself for a while. Likely the standard 14 weeks like I did with Ada’s announcement. I’ll also probably be very excited and maybe you’ll just be able to tell somehow.

Like, is that a bump?

Please don’t go looking for bumps on my Instagram shots. You’ll almost always find one, and this isn’t me poking fun at my body. I wear loose clothing (sometimes Stephen’s clothing!) and -- yeah -- I never tightened up my stomach to its pre-pregnancy flatness. I figured there was little point if I wanted to stretch it out again. So, I probably look a good 14 weeks pregnant as a non-pregnant person. (Maybe I should break out the maternity pants early?)

Seriously now. We had always planned on waiting to have number 2, but we ended up pushing it back and back with everything that was going on last year. Plus, I definitely took my ability to get pregnant instantly last time around entirely too much for granted. I also suppose, and this is silly, I was thinking we were owed something easy after a hard year and a semi- sucky first pregnancy, but the universe doesn’t work that way, now does it?

Let’s begin this process all over again!

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