Well, This is Embarrassing

>> 9.29.2014

Do you ever wish you could get a window into your teenage soul? I wasn’t a big diary keeper. So, after I watched Mortified Nation a few months ago, I thought I’d be out of luck with finding some gem revealing my deepest, darkest thoughts. And I was wrong! As I was unpacking some boxes last weekend, I uncovered a strange collage book I made in 1998 when I was 14/15.

Let’s take a look.

The book begins with this page. John and Yoko. John’s son Sean and his then-girlfriend. I think I’ve mentioned that I maintained a John Lennon tribute webpage in my early teens hosted on Geocities. I had a thing for John. You know, he only died three years before I was born. But it was going to happen. Somehow.

MMMBop . . .

So, then I turned the page and discovered a series of collages of the Hanson brothers pasted onto women’s photos. I was never into them as a band. I was too cool for pop music -- OBVIOUSLY. Well, aside from my Ace of Base phase in 7th grade. I’m thinking somehow this was my attempt at a dig. Saying they are girly men (boys?). Maybe it’s not so strange that my first boyfriend had long blonde hair? The joke’s on me.

Then there’s this:

I’m thinking this is a glimpse into the tortured heart of a band geek the summer before her sophomore year of high school. Something like that. Deep stuff.

Speaking of band geeks! The bulk of my book’s focus:

I won’t mortify any of my friends by adding more photos (there are MANY, I promise you). A couple shots from my morning music theory class. The string ensemble. Jazz band. Talent shows. I also have the worst haircut of all time. It’s a pixie cut I had chopped the summer of 1997 that just wasn’t growing out right.

Here’s my ideal fashion at age 14.

Can you tell I was totally into Daria?

And everything else MTV?


I can’t make this stuff up!

Thanks for indulging me. This find created many laughs in my house -- let me tell you. Do you have any buried treasure like this deep in boxes somewhere? Did you keep detailed diaries while you were growing up? It’s so funny how looking at these pictures and collages brought back all those memories and feelings I was having at the time.

Oh, and if you haven’t watched Mortified Nation, it’s a good one! (And free on Netflix!)

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Putting Myself Out There

>> 9.26.2014

I started shooting portraits outside my circle of family and friends shortly after Ada was born to add another stream of income to my work-at-home-mom gig. Plus, I really (really!) enjoy taking photos -- there’s something about it to me that just doesn’t feel like work. And isn’t that the goal? Finding a job you love?

These days, everyone who owns a DSLR seems to have their own photography business. So, when I decided to take a long hiatus (nearly a year) after Ada’s surgery to focus more on our family, I knew getting back into the running with all the other local options would be difficult. Well, I’m happy to report that I’m putting myself out there again, and I’d like to share some of my latest work with you!

This family was too sweet. At their suggestion, we met at a field a few miles outside town. What a perfect location. Their little 10-month-old boy was one of the easiest babies I’ve ever photographed. No drool. No crying. He gave me lots of prolonged eye contact and smiles. Who knows, maybe modeling is in his future!

I always ask my clients to send me samples of the photography poses/shots they like before we meet, and my client really liked those sun-soaked pictures. Backlighting. And that’s my favorite kind to shoot. No only is the lighting perfect in the evening outdoors -- the whole golden hour thing -- but the photos you get outside are natural. They reflect the surroundings. Everyone is at ease. Basically, I couldn’t be happier with this session and to get back into the groove, slowly but surely.


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Parenting for New-ish Moms + Dads

>> 9.25.2014

Over the years, I’ve done my fair share of remarking, marveling, and complaining with all things related to parenting. I thought I’d collect a few of my favorite posts for those of you who might be new or in different stages of the game. What I’ve learned through writing is that most of happiest and crazy-frustrating moments are universal.

We’re All Doing This Parenting Thing Right

Oh, the judgement! That’s the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with since becoming a mom. At every turn, something I’m doing is wrong or harmful. Someone with 4,000 kids knows more than I do and tells me about it. I’m sick of everything being a struggle. So, let’s just agree to disagree, ok?

Getting Real (Versus Ideal)

Here I go through four different points of my parenting that aren’t so ideal. At least not to the pre-parent Ashley, who had a game plan that looked much different than how it played out in real life. What’s your #1 "ideal versus real" with regard to parenting?

It’s All In My Head, Right?

A particularly difficult morning inspired this rant-y post about, well, life with a baby. Looking back, I think a lot of our first year and a bit beyond was made difficult by what I initially self-diagnosed as Ada being a high needs baby (though after reading Raising Your Spirited Child, I prefer that terminology much better). After we got her diagnosis, I can’t help wondering if most of the behavior is linked. I’d be high needs, too.

My Parenting, My Personality, My Frustration

If you haven’t gathered it by now, I like being in control of the things going on in my world. I think some people frown on this way of being -- but it’s all I know. I’m working on it. Parenting has been the biggest challenge in facing my personality head-on. And I’ve learned (and changed) a lot since I wrote this post.

Me, Myself, and Ada

One of the hardest parts of being a parent is finding a way to still hold onto the self that was pre-baby. When I chose to leave the 9-to-5 working world to freelance, I compounded this issue. Who am I now? What do I really do? These are the questions I asked myself, and it was surely an identity crisis for quite some time.

How I’m Keeping Up With My 2-Year-Old

Somewhere in the twos, you start to get really tired. I don’t know if for us it was because sleep was still somewhat elusive or that Ada has always been particularly active. Once she started crawling and sitting, she’s never stayed put! So, here are some easy methods I used to keep up and keep my sanity when I felt really tired and consumed.

Our Thoughts On Gifts

With birthday and Christmas season fast approaching, I thought it’d be fun to drag up this gift-related post with how we approach things. Our thoughts haven’t changed much on the matter. We ultimately went with the approach (that many of you suggested): something she wants, something she needs and also something to wear, something to read.

Encouraging Independent Play

Moms and dads -- do you feel like you need a break? Yeah. Me, too. One of the biggest gifts we gave our daughter was joy of playing by herself. It didn’t happen overnight, but slowly she’s been able to occupy herself, use her imagination, and give us some much-needed mental space through playing on her own. Helping your child with this important milestone is easier than you’d think!

Being Social

Notes on getting out there -- socializing your young toddler -- from a self-proclaimed introvert. I’m still learning how to feel more comfortable going out and about and meeting new people. Ada’s morning preschool class has helped tremendously this year.

The First Tantrum

I look back on Ada’s first outburst of epic proportions and laugh. At the time, I was floored at her energy and enthusiasm. All for a balloon. Now? Hah. I could eat that tantrum for breakfast. With all the current behavior joys -- the Terrible Threes -- I guess my tolerance has built up a bit.

Can you relate to any of these topics?

And is there something else re: parenting you’d like me to cover? As always, you can browse through the archives to read all my thoughts on child-rearing for the last eternity. If you’re into that! Looking back, I have grown a lot and still have a lot to learn.

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